On It’s Supernatural:  a man with a severely injured back is struck with healing in a thrift store, another man had a tumor that completely covered one of his lungs and it supernaturally disappeared. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible in the invisible realm of the supernatural.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance?

Sid Roth had spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural.

Join Sid on this edition of “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Marc Lawson, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My guest has got the chutzpah, that’s the Jewish word for nerve, to say this is the end of the church as we know it. Now Marc Lawson, there was a day that you loved drugs, and you had a cousin coming over to sell drugs, tell me about that day.


MARC: Well that is when I gave my life to the Lord, came over to do a drug deal, and he prayed for us, and he left our house about midnight and my wife and I went into our bedroom to go to  sleep and we just felt so cleansed, so different and we remember laying on the bed there and holding hands and praying and we invited, we actually said Holy Spirit reveal yourself to us, we knew nothing about what that meant, except the person that shared faith with us explained some of that, and as we prayed that and held each others hands, really the power of God was just,  flooded the room, the glory of God, we started shaking, we felt like the bed was shaking, we felt like a train was going right next to our window.


SID: Now you may not be able to answer this, but I have had experiences like this, I have seen a lot of people, what is God doing to the person, any idea?


MARC: Well we felt like, the best way to describe is we were changed from the inside out, we felt like somebody took a toothbrush with Comet and just scrubbed us all inside and we felt the glory of God, the light of God, the acceptance of God. And so the power, that whole experience was like our foundation and so the power of God and the miraculous and the supernatural has drawn us and that has been part of our life ever since.


SID: That’s been normal for you, really.


MARC: Been normal for us from the get go.


SID: I mean when you read the Bible, that’s normal. When you have experiences in most churches in the world, that’s abnormal, I have had abnormal, I’ve had normal, I like normal a lot better. Now you had a series of dreams and visions, what was God showing you from this series?


MARC: This was a few years back, but I had three dreams in a row, I had a vision and three dreams to confirm it. And during these episodes the Lord was showing me that the church was about to go through a major shakedown, meltdown, and then a rebuilding. And the first vision was like a skyline, a skyscape, but the series of dreams were, they kept saying the same thing, the church, nobody was taking responsibility in the church, everybody’s responsibility to win the

lost and things like this were nobody’s. And there had to be a major shift from a top down

pastor-centric model to more of a biblical model where we had the apostles and the saints doing all that stuff.


SID: So in other words rather than being just a spectator which is what most people do, they look in their synagogue  or church or the mosque, they look at the back of someone’s head, they  become participants, of course you can’t become a participant unless you are a member of the family, the family of God, and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus. Marc, you have had so many amazing experiences but tell me what God has shown you, you feel the church is going to look like in the future.


MARC: I think it is going to be glorious, I think this is the greatest time to be alive, honestly, and I have been in ministry now for thirty years but I feel like I am just getting started, cause I feel  like we are about to enter an age of great glory for the church, where the church will be in, the nations will be in awe of her and it is a wonderful time to be here.


SID: Well at your church you have some unusual décor on the walls, explain that.


MARC: Well as you walk in our church to the left we have an entire wall dedicated to wheelchairs, braces, neck braces, casts. Those strap on casts, we have two hearing aids, we have diabetic equipment, syringes, the whole diabetic pack, people getting healed of diabetics and things like this, and we display it so people can see that God is alive and we have got proof.


SID: And what I love about you is he doesn’t wait for people to come in to his church, he goes out, explain.


MARC: Well a few years ago we realized if we are going, this vision I had about the church being, looking different, we realized all through the Bible Jesus was on his way to things, he was going somewhere, and most of his miracles happened it says, “and on the way, this or that   happened.” And so we realized that we had to be “on the way” and go out to them, they are not going to come to us, you don’t catch fish on land, you have to go into the deep, you have to step out. And so we started intentionally doing that.


SID: And you go to football games, you go to department stores, you go into some of the worst areas in your city.


MARC: Yeah we go into the hood, we go into these trailer parks, we go into old neighborhoods, we go into where the poor are and needy are, and we also have what we call, we have these times where people go out and they just go into malls and spread out into twos and look for people that are sick, wheelchairs, crutches, etc, to pray for them and heal the, get them healed.


SID: Now you have an aggressiveness, you have a faith that you believe when you pray for people they are going to be healed, and it is contagious.


MARC: Yes.


SID: Well listen it is so highly contagious I believe that you hare going to pick up this disease, it is called being normal, get ready to be normal.

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